Terms of admission...

...for assistance from "Großes Herz für Kleine e.V."

Our association helps with organizing medical care for children suffering from severe and rare illnesses,  as long as there is a chance of an improvement. We also raise funds for their treatment.


The decision concerning the admission to the aid program is based on the principle of protecting the child's rights and directed by the interests of each and every child.

Our conditions for the admission...

...of a child into the aid program are as follows:

...The child has to be under the age of 18 years.

...The child is in need of medical care, the absence of which endangers the child's survival.

...The child does not receive assistance from another aid organization.

...All required documents are available.


...The necessary medical procedures cannot be provided in the country of residence.

Our association pays for...

...the examination and treatment at the clinic.

...the practitioner's fee and the administrative costs, as long as those do not exceed 20% of the total cost of the treatment.

...the medication.

...the medical care of outpatients.

...expenses resulting from renting medical equipment and material costs.

...the examination and visits to the doctor for outpatients.


Our association provides organizational assistance with the following tasks:

  • The acquisition of plane tickets at special rates and conditions.
  • Pick up at the airport of the place of treatment.
  • Ensuring support from voluntary workers.
  • Providing translations and on-site attendance.

Required documents

As a requirement for the assessment of the request of admission, the parents or guardians need to fill out the application in full.

The application can be submitted through all conventional means: by mail, fax, email or in person. Additional documents must be submitted along with the application as copies.


The following documents must be submitted with the application:

  • the parents'/guardians' passports (copies of all filled in pages)
  • certificate of legal custody
  • birth certificate or the child's credentials
  • disabled ID card (if there is one)
  • a letter from the parents/guardians including a request for help and brief personal description of the course of the illness
  • medical records (recent medical statement about the child's current health condition, showing the special urgency of the treatment, issued by a physician; summary of the medical history/epicrisis, etc.)
  • explanation by the parents/guardians or the treating physician, stating the reasons for the necessity of a treatment abroad
  • invitation from the clinic abroad, including a cost estimate
  • photos and videos in good quality (high resolution, made by a professional, if possible)
  • certificate of registration for the family members, issued by the competent authorities (e.g. the local registration office)
  • proof of income of the family members for the last 12 months, documentation of the family's real estate property
  • additional documents upon request

Main reasons for the rejection of an applicant

Our association will reject children from participating in the aid program for the following reasons:

  • if there are claims from an intermediary
  • if the family's financial situation is not below-average or the parents or guardians are not deemed low-income
  • if an equivalent treatment is available at a lower price in the country of the child's residence
  • if the association is working at full capacity at the time the application is submitted and therefore cannot provide further financial assistance or personnel

The priority in planning our aid activities lies on helping those children who need immediate life saving help!

Our association does not pay for...

…administrative expenses and practitioner's fees exceeding 20% of the total cost of the treatment.

…travel expenses.

…accommodation and subsistence outside of the clinic.

…translation services that are not included in the clinic's bill

…on-site attendance and intermediaries

...alternative methods of treatment

Cancellation of support activities

The association reserves the right to discontinue the collection of donations and further assistance (premature termination of the agreement) under the following circumstances:

The treatment received in Germany proves to be ineffective.

The administrative costs and the practitioner's fees exceed 20% of the total cost of the treatment.


If misconduct on the part of the parents is discovered, more precisely:

  1. Forgery of medical documents
  2. Submission of false information about the family's financial situation with deceptive intent
  3. Accepting assistance from another aid organization
  4. Attempting to use the association's funds for personal gain (for example through additional private fund raising)*
  5. Use of intermediaries
  6. Refusing permission for the unlimited distribution of information about the child on the association's website, on social media and other web presences of our organization, as well as general distribution of the information in mass media
  7. Dissemination of statements that attack or cause damage to our association or involved physicians or medical institutions
  8. Actions that cause material damage to the association
  9. Exerting pressure on members of the association

In case of immediate termination of the agreement on providing relief actions, our association will decide independently what is to be done with the collected donations, that is, whether the funds will be used to pay for the already performed treatment or passed on to another child.


* The association allows independently raising donations to pay for personal requirements, e.g. accommodation and subsistence outside of the clinic, which are transferred to a private donations account, as long as such fund raising is carried out within the legal limits of the country of residence. Parents and legal guardians bear responsibility for their actions. Our association assumes no liability.