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Oleg & Denis Tambovtsev


Fundraising for treatment: at University clinic Carl Gustav Carus Dresden.


University clinic Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden, Germany

Cost of the treatment:


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Oleg Tambovtsev, 16 and Denis Tambovtsev, 10, Kazakhstan, Aktobe

Brothers' story:

Diagnosis: Mucoviscidosis

The letter to the foundation from children's mother:

Good afternoon,

I have two children who suffer from Mucoviscidosis. I wish to thank all members of the foundation, all its assistants who lent us a helping hand in our previous fundraising. My children are under medical treatment at the clinic in Dresden. And it’s time to go to receive another treatment. This time the clinic issued us an invoice on 15.000 euros.

You are my last hope, I beg you not to leave my children, help us to continue our therapy. After the treatment in the clinic, to which you helped us to go, my boys’ condition was stable. Oleg finished school, went to college on the faculty of law. He was following all recommendations, doing steam inhalations, exercises. But since November his condition started getting worse rapidly, the continuous coughing was begun, the Pseudomonas aeruginosa became active in his body again. He was feeling so bad, suffering from the waves of nausea, and after that he started coughing up blood clots.


We were helped to stop the bleeding in Moscow. But unfortunately Oleg’s condition is still critical. His biggest dream is to go back to Germany for medical treatment. Because after his last trip he felt just fine like a normal teenager without all this constant suffering caused by disease. He had an appetite for life!

My second child Denis started complaining of stomachache recently.  He is dramatically losing weight.

Please help my children! I love them so much and I’m afraid of losing them. I’ m trying to leave no stone unturned for saving them.


If you would like to help the brothers, contact us by email at the following adress: