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The Brushko Siblings

Current status:

The fundraising has started. Polina has to be transfered to intensiv care. The child is in a bad state.


At the University Hospital Dresden

Cost of the treatment:

15.000 €

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Polina, two years old, and Vlad, nine years old, Hnidyn, Kiev Oblast in Ukraine

Polina's and Vladyslav's story

Polina's diagosis: Renal insufficiency with a tendency to complete kidney failure

Vlad's diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis

Letter from their mother, Nelya Brushko:


I have been considering how to phrase my letter to you for a long time now. I was so afraid that you would not answer my request. Then giving up would have been the only thing left for me. I am in desperate need of help! Please read this short summary of my story, and maybe you can tell me to whom I should turn, if not to you:


My name is Nelya. I have two children and sadly both are classified as severely disabled. The oldest, Vlad, who is now nine years old, has had surgery because of an ileus on the second day of his life. When he was four months old he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.


From this moment on life came crashing down on me. The struggle for my child's life had begun. In Ukraine, you don't survive long with such a diagnosis. Patients suffering from such a severe form of this disorder as Vlad usually do not live past the age of five years. 

The doctors keep saying "He's still alive? That's incredible.". But he lives, and that is all that matters, though he is not the healthiest child, to say the least. Vlad's liver and his gastrointestinal tract are in bad shape, as well as his lungs. My son can't go to school and is therefore educated at home.


I've longed so much to have a second child, even though I was terrified. But I chose to go through with it, got examined during the course of the pregnancy and everything was fine. The child was born healthy, not suffering from cystic fibrosis! But my happiness did not last long. At the age of eight months Polina was diagnosed with the hemolytic-uremic syndrom, her kidneys failed (and my life came to a halt for the second time). A month spent in intensive care undergoing peritoneal dialyses felt like a year. With many prayers and God's kindness Polina's condition improved. Still her kidneys were seriously damaged...


For two years now, my daughter has been under constant medical observation. Her kidneys are getting worse. The Ukrainian doctors say that her condition can't be cured, it would only deteriorate. According to their estimation, chronic renal failure will set in in two to three years, which would make a kidney transplant impossible. They told us to morally prepare for that case!


How do you prepare yourself for something like that?! How can a mother simply get on with her life and stand idly by waiting for the tragedy to unfold?! I began to do some research on what could be done, where and how I could find help. At that time, I happened to meet the mother of a child who got the same diagnosis. That child is being treated in Germany right now. She forwarded my request to one of the doctors, and he confirmed that this disorder can be treated in Germany!


But first, an examination is required to find the cause of her condition and to prevent mistakes. I will reach for that straw. This is a chance to preserve my daughter's own organs! When there is a chance I just have to take it. When there is a possibility to restore my child's health I can't just do nothing and wait for the end to come!


Please, I beg you, help me to save my children. Don't leave my request unanswered. Please forgive my uncontrolled expression of emotions, I cannot hold back the tears. I firmly believe that you will help us. Thank you!



Nelya Brushko


The association's note:


Nelya Brushko contacted with the plea to save her little daughter. Only after reviewing their documents we realised that Nelya has an older son who has also received a terrible diagnosis. There is no treatment available for him in their home country. We find it immoral to chose one of two children, to chose who should live. We will do all we can to help both of them. Their common cost of treatment is 15,000 € in total.


If you would like to help the siblings, contact us by email at the following adress: