What motivates us

Our association commits itself to providing help and assistance to gravely ill children and most of all to taking care of those who were born with severe genetic conditions. The main priority lies on children from low-income households and orphans. Our mission is to expand and support research programs in Germany, Russia, the US and other countries, that are developing effective forms of treatment for severe and rare illnesses. In many western countries it is not unusual for such programs to be cancelled early due to a lack of participants – just as it is not unusual for children suffering from those diseases to be left alone with their conditions and ultimately die because they have no chance of getting the help they need in their home countries.


While actively providing aid to the individual child, our association also aims to support programs for the early diagnosis and prevention of serious illnesses, such as cancer. Our organisation is leading in setting up centers for early detection of cancer in children, especially in Russia. These facilities are also intended to serve as places for the exchange of medical expertise, since the expenses for further training medical professionals are by far lower than a patients treatment costs. Such a trained specialist could predict the progression of a disease in a huge number of children and determine the right course of treatment, incorporating the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment. The active involvement of medical experts and the creation of an international network are the vital components this initiative is based on.


The association's relief activities encompass ensuring healthy childhoods, prophylactic measures, health education and the early detection of illnesses in children, since in the end, we all care about the welfare of the next generation.