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Arthur Savchuk


Fundraising for the second course of rehabilitation in the rehabilitation center “Rodnik”, St.Petersburg


Rehabilitation center “Rodnik”, St. Petersburg

Cost of the treatment:

151 200 rubles

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Arthur Savchuk, 4 years old, Republic of Belarus

Arthur's story:

Diagnosis: ICP, spastic tetraparesis, psychomotor retardation.

The letter to the foundation from the mother:



I am the mother of a little boy whose name is Arthur, he is from Belarus. Our family turns to you with a request for help to raise funds for the rehabilitation of our son. Arthur is our second child. When I was 30 weeks pregnant, doctors performed me a C-section because I started bleeding and there was a threat to my life and the life of my baby. My boy was born weighing 936 g and with the height of 33 cm. Since the moment of his birth the struggle for his life was started. When he came into the world he immediately was provided with a medical ventilator. He was connected to it for forty days. During the first hour following his birth he was performed a blood transfusion. This procedure was repeated twice more (on the third day and the 15th). The cardiac therapy was done. Then it was found that our baby had the intraventricular hemorrhage Grade II-III on both sides. Since his first days Arthur had some courses of massage, the exercise therapy, the logopedic treatment at home.

Our son is taking the rehabilitation courses at specialized centers in Belarus. The life of Arthur is accompanied with the constant medication intake, consultations by doctors and professors, endless medical examinations. All of this requires considerable financial expenses because the treatment for such kids like Arthur is very expensive. But we are a common Belorussian family with two children and we can’t afford these rehabilitation courses. Arthur is still little and, to our joy, he responds well to the treatment.

My boy has to undergo the rehabilitation courses on a regular basis in different centers, both in Belarus and abroad. Unfortunately we are short of funds for continuous rehabilitations and treatments, but it’s very important for us now not to stop the recovery process. I beg you to help us to raise funds for the second course of rehabilitation in the rehabilitation center “Rodnik”, to which Arthur is registered for since the 13th of March 2017.

Thank you very much for your help, for everything you are doing for our special children!

Best regards,

Elena Savchuk.

If you would like to help little Arthur, contact us by email at the following adress: