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Alexandra Chistyakova

Current status:

The fundraising has begun. Please, help this little girl to overcome her illness!


Filderklinik Stuttgart

Treatment starts in july 2016

Cost of the treatment:

3.600 €

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Alexandra, seven years old, from Cherepovets, Russia

Alexandra's story

Diagnosis:  Epilepsy

Little Sasha suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. That sentence alone is frightful, but even more terrifying is the daily struggle she and her parents face. The seizures occur multiple times a day, by day and by night... seizures that leave her mommy and daddy watching helplessly. During those episodes they can only pray that the seizure will be over soon. Witnessing their daughter's suffering the parents slowly fade themselves. Ther were attempts to treat little Sasha in her home town of Cherepovets, later in the NPC Solntsevo clinic in Moscow. So far, there have been some achievements, as well as failures, the seizures returned no matter what medication was used. The usual preparates no longer affect her condition.


We adress all of you – please help this little girl to overcome her illness! Give another child the chance to get better, to be rid of those agonizing seizures for ever and to enjoy a healthy childhood, like all our children!


The "Großes Herz für Kleine" association


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