Yannis Salpinkidi

A great artist's modest gift

The Artist Yannis Salpinkidi
The Artist Yannis Salpinkidi

The name of this member of the Academy of Arts in Uzbekistan, who also works as a lecturer at the school of education in Tashkent, Yannis Salpinkidi, recipient of the Order of Friendship of Peoples, is quite well known in Uzbekistan's cultural circles as well as throughout the world. The talented education specialist and painter wrote many articles on art theory and art history. The catalogue "Yannis Salpinkidi and his Students" has become a monument for followers of his school. Many of them live and work abroad. His concepts of human values are reflected in his joyful and decorative paintings, that abound with light and color. Among his colleagues he is considered "the greatest philosopher" of all the Uzbek artists. High human ideals always remained the focus of this seventy years old painter's artistic quest.


Fortunately, our association had the pleasure of meeting Yannis Salpinkidi shortly after its formation. The artist donated his drawing "Big Heart for Little Ones" to us, which has since become the symbol of our organisation. The association's logo was also designed based on his sketches – a heart that encloses a small child lying safely in the hands of an adult. This great man and great artist has expressed his appreciation for our charitable mission from the very first day. The artist’s thoughts on human life as well as his opinions on the cultural heritage and the humanitarian mission of physicians are reflected in a letter to our association from september 2013:

"It is difficult to not appreciate the importance of your work, for that reason I would like to dedicate a few lines to you...

Russia, oh Russia! We are citizens of the former soviet states, nourished by your culture. We carry it within us, and with it, the European culture as well. For centuries, German blood coursed through the veins of Russian tsars. There is obviously a strong bond between the two nations. And judging from your devotion for those Russian children, the war has cast no shadows on this relation.

Give those children their lives back, and let them enjoy its perfection. Only after life is coming to its end one starts to appreciate how much value it holds… Take as an example the great German physician and humanist Albert Schweitzer, who saved thousands of lives in distant Africa.

I am convinced that there are many highly qualified doctors in Germany who continue his charitable work. “Non-holy saints” they were called by the Russian clergyman Tichon…”


To pick up on the artist, we would like to quote Albert Schweitzer, the German-French physician, theologian, musician and cultural philosopher, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize of 1952, himself: "One has to do something for those in need of help, something that one does not profit from – the reward is the joy of being able to help.", "A man is good only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help." We would like to share those words with every caring person. Do good! Good deeds nourish life. This source will not dry up.


This is the idea Yannis Salpinkidi layed the child into the adult's protecting hands, lifting it up as if it was carried by wings. The child embraces a big heart, a symbol of love and warmth, which breathes new life into it.

Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya Simonova's sand history "I Believe" for Maksim Balyk

Kseniya Simonova, die Sand-Künstlerin
Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya Simonova's sand histories


"Don't Give Up!"

Kseniya Simonova is presenting a sand story "Don't Give Up" created for the World Cancer Day.

Created in three animation techniques, this work seems to be one of most unusual films of Kseniya. Here we see her usual genre - sand animation and two new ones - "snow graphics" and "plastic animation". 

Since I was taking part in "Ukraine's Got Talent" I was finding myself near those who suffered with cancer. It first happened in a few days before the super-final, when I received a letter from volunteers asking to create a film for a little girl ill with leucosis. Since then God is making me meet many people - children and adults - who are fighting cancer. Talking to them I realize how strong people can be, they teach me how to attitude to life, and I am studying from them.

Both of my grandmothers and many relatives died from cancer, and since my childhood I knew what it is. Now I am creating sand films for those who need help and I am glad that I can help them at least like this.

- Speaking to moms of kids from the oncology department, I knew that it is very important for little patients to receive as many good emotions as possible, because it can cause remission. I want them to see this new film - just as a cartoon with a happy end. I hope it will bring them hope and will to fight...

Kseniya and "Simonova.TV Creative Group" wish you to enjoy watching and to share this film with all possible means to make people see it. Its only goal is - to give Hope.

"I believe..."

Kseniya Simonova's sand history "I Believe" - in the name of goodness and hope.


"I want to tell you, my friends, the story of Maxim Baljuk. I created my new sand story at the request of Maxim's dad George and volunteer Alla Moor . But it is interesting that I've learned about this child earlier and prayed about him. This is another small but very adult boy . His parents love him so much, for his mom son 's disease has become extremely heavy blow. Dad is with Maxim on the treatment in Germany. It's a long story of despair, hope, struggle ... When the victory seemed so close and Max went into remission , relapse burst . And now they are back a long way , treatment , chemiotherapy , transplantation . I have created a sand story about Maxim " I Believe " with great hope that it will bring him reliable help in raising funds for medical treatment.

For three years Max has been struggling with illness. And last year, he managed to win the battle - Maxim was in remission. But oncological diseases are insidious diseases . At a recent inspection Maxim was diagnosed a relapse. Assigned to receive high-dose chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation . All the money that was collected group remained at the clinic - 150 000. A bill from the hospital of Cologne ia received in the amount of 220,000 euros. Still needed 70,000 euros! Maxim is in a positive trend , recurrence is detected at an early stage, so now we need to collect the remaining amount for the continuation of treatment! The boy has a chance of beating the disease ! He only needed our help. Help parents to save his only son!"

(So Kseniya Simonova)