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Narek Kharatjan


Fundraising for the urgent treatment in the clinic Asklepios, Sankt Augustin, Germany


Asklepios clinic, Sankt Augustin, Germany

Cost of the treatment:

42 536, 75 €

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Narek Kharatjan, 11 years old, Armenia, Yerevan

Narek's story:

Diagnosis: Cancer, Medulloblastoma

The letter of the father Armen Kharatjan:


A little more than a year ago, Narek suffered from a major indisposition. The child was examined in the medical center “Sourb Astvatsamayr” in Yerevan. After performing MRI of the brain, cancer was detected (a tumorous mass in the posterior fossa, III and the lateral ventricles, the obstructive hydrocephalus, the herniation of some structures of the posterior fossa into the foramen magnum). After establishing the diagnosis, doctors underwent a shunt surgery to reduce intracranial pressure.  And then it was recommended to continue the further treatment in the hospitals of Germany or Israel, as there is not appropriate medical equipment and experience in treating patients with such difficult disease in Armenia.

We left for Germany. Narek was operated by a neurosurgeon from the clinic Asklepios. The operation was effective, the doctor succeeded in removing the whole tumor, but two inoperable metastases were left which were expected to be removed by irradiation and chemotherapy. 20 days after the surgery, the intensive course of chemotherapy was started which continued for six months. And according to the MRI results, doctors said that chemotherapy was successful and the tumor tissues were reduced by 50 %, so it was necessary to continue our treatment and the new course of irradiation was appointed at the Uniklinik Köln within a month and a half.

After the surgery, Narek had heavy complications. He couldn’t talk and walk. He had paresis of right side. His eyes couldn’t focus on one position. Our child started talking little by little just after seven months. He can walk with support and just a few steps. He can focus his eyes but during some mental process they start turning left again.

According to the opinion of the doctors, the treatment helps Narek and if we can’t find money to pay for his further treatment, all his efforts and struggle for life will be for nothing.


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